Nirvana Psychosocial Care Center & Research Institute is private organization established with the sole motive of promoting psychosocial well-being and mental health. It is registered in Office of the Company Registrar (Registration No. 161129/073/074), Government of Nepal. NPSCC has been working in individual and community level in collaboration with the different agencies for the management of mental health and psychosocial problems. Since its establishment, it has worked in the promotion of researches and has started biannual peer reviewed journal 'Europasian Journal of Medical Sciences' since 2019. 

Nirvana means the state of perfect happiness and freedom or complete cessation from suffering. To do so, NPSCC has the following objectives:

  • To provide culturally sensitive psychosocial support to people in need.
  • To ensure good quality mental health care offering the services like counseling, psychotherapies and other alternative healing techniques.
  • To promote the holistic well being taking care of physical, mental, emotional & behavioral problems and enhancing spiritual awareness & psychic ability.
  • To carry out researches in mental health and other psychosocial issues.
  • To conduct trainings, workshops and seminars in collaboration with different national and international institutions.