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Mental Health For Holistic Well Being

About Nirvana

Nirvana Psychosocial Care Center & Research Institute is a private organization that provides psychosocial and mental health service. It works with individual and groups to promote the holistic well being.

The services of NIRVANA include Counseling (Individual and Group counseling), Psychotherapies (Gestalt Psychotherapy, Integrated Expressive Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) in collaboration with alternative healing modalities like Reiki Healing. Besides that, NIRVANA also offers trainings, workshops and awareness campaigns related to mental health.   

The team of NIRVANA includes bunch of trained and experienced psychologists, mental health counselors and psychotherapists working in the field of psychology for over the decades. Our team believes in evidence based supervised practices with the proper awareness of own limitations and referrals for the highest good of our clients.  

Our Services


Cognitive behavioral therapy

PC: Sonam

Expressive Art Therapy


Gestalt Psychotherapy

Our Recent Activities


Teachers Training

Teachers training in White Field School.

Our Happy Clients!

My name is Ruju Ghimire, Masters in Psychology. I have been working as a Counselor and Lecturer of Psychology. I am currently a student of Master of social work at the University of South Australia >>>
I am Ashim Sharma, an auditor by my profession. I am currently a student in Psychology. I have been a student on a quest to understand myself and life. This quest has taken me to a lot of places >>>
I had experienced severe traumas as a young child whose family was targeted by the Moist during 2050’s BS. My brother was brutally murdered, my mother shot in front of my eyes, and house burnt >>>
Sarala Tiwari
Post Graduate Student