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Ruju Ghimire

Psychosocial counselor

My name is Ruju Ghimire, Masters in Psychology. I have been working as a Counselor and Lecturer of Psychology. I am currently a student of Master of social work at the University of South Australia. I work with children and adolescents in my counseling practice. Having to deal with children and adolescents' wide range of mental health, I was looking for supervision and came to know about NIRVANA's "Support group for Counselor". The support group session became the therapeutic group for me and helped me to learn and exchange different techniques through skills sharing sessions. The way group members shared about the issues of their clients and others members' input in it was the greatest support for me. It eventually turned out to be one of the milestones to my career of being a counselor because it fulfilled the formative, normative, and restorative functions of the supervision.


I am Ashim Sharma, an auditor by my profession. I am currently a student in Psychology. I have been a student on a quest to understand myself and life. This quest has taken me to a lot of places and one of them was psychology, where I found that we have malfunctioned, often repetitive, destructive patterns, through which we hurt ourselves and others. Psychology has helped me correct those patterns or at least for now, be aware of them. And one of the best places I found for it was "Nourish to Flourish - A Self Care Workshop", where I learned not only about psychology but also about myself through different experiential activities. And for that I am grateful to Mr. Ganesh Amgain, the facilitator of the workshop, NIRVANA, and every participant of the workshop for being there in the group and witnessing my journey. Thank you.

Ashim Sharma



Post Graduate Student

I had experienced severe traumas as a young child whose family was targeted by the Maoist during the 2050’s BS. My brother was brutally murdered, my mother shot in front of my eyes, and house burnt and loved ones traumatized. I and my family were living a life of fear and the Adrenaline rush was real. Things worsened when a family member raped me at the age of 12. My teenage years were full of painful emotions that I did not know the source of. I would cry days and nights and would fear being sexually assaulted by every man I saw. It was tough to attend lectures of male teachers and hang out with male classmates. This childhood baggage grew bigger and bigger as I grew older. It clearly and directly showcased in my relationship dynamics. My dysfunctional family did not understand what was happening and had hands in making things worse. By 23, I was a living mess. I changed my job every other month and had multiple sexual partners. I failed to form any meaningful relationships. I had no friends, no family, and nobody I could really bond with. In 2017, I visited a few counselors- knowing that I needed help- most of them were more interested in the tragic stories from my childhood. These counselors unintentionally had opened my rotten wound but had no idea how to heal or seal it safely.
I did not stop my quest which directed me towards Ganesh Amgain from Nirvana Psychosocial Care Center & Research Institute. I cried the whole an hour session in the beginning. Most initial sessions, I would hide my emotions and avoid questions. Months passed by and I started to see the layers of my difficult emotions peeling off. I could see the organic me over a few clouds of fear and pain. Turns out, once a week session, helped me to connect with myself. Within a year, I felt like the 12-year-old girl who had stopped living. My counseling sessions with Ganesh gave me a re-start. I turned 17 later that year and 23 and 26 again. It is the most beautiful journey I have ever witnessed. Within 1.5 years, I had a job for 1 year (BIG DEAL FOR ME), had a best friend, and could survive without harmful relationships.
I am thankful to Nirvana and Ganesh because he did not help me solve all my life problems but definitely helped me introduce myself and taught me some vital skills to recognize my own emotions and my patterns. I would not have found myself without counseling sessions. I am now in the USA looking to pursue my master's in Trauma Psychology.
For those who are in pain right now, I would say it's painful because there’s inside of you. Let somebody good help you release the pain and you will see yourself. Feel free to reach out to me for anything. Love Xx Sarala Tiwari